Mar 6, 2019

We opened our first art gallery, “Gallery Room 210” at Galleria Vik Milano with our inaugural art exhibition. The exhibition, SURFASHION, celebrating fashion, opened during Milan Women’s Fashion Week. One of the many stand-out artists was Nina Surel, who has become a favorite with her stunning bejeweled portraits. “The baroque and surreal findings of Surel’s exceedingly personal quest for a non-patriarchal version of the eternal feminine have been exhibited widely in institutions and galleries across the United States, Europe, and South America.” In addition to Gallery Room 210, Nina’s art can be seen at the Vikissimo restaurant and in SUREL Room 207 at Galleria Vik Milano.

WineStar Award

Our commitment and passion for excellence earned VIK a #WineStarAward for Best Winery Experience from the prestigious magazine Wine Enthusiast. Founder Adam Strum asserted: “From world-class pours and exceptional food to stunning architecture, boutique accommodations,...

Smiljan Radic, Q & A with the creator of the architectonic works at VIK Winery

Art, wine and architecture: These three facets that intersect in this project are closely related to each other. Together they create a different imagination around wine. Not only in the final sensual product but also in the fruit of that creative process.

Fred Harman, The Golden State Warriors owner explains the wine passion of the NBA players

You will no doubt start to see the players work their way down to the Southern Hemisphere and at the top of the list will be Millahue and Vina VIK both for the wine and world-class hospitality amenities.